Membership at A.W.Surveys is Free and you will not be required to pay any membership fees or any other expenses out of pocket.

They currently have two Payment methods.

Option (1) includes United States Postal Service and is Free, this option generally takes 4-6 weeks for delivery. Option (1) is available to anybody in the U.S.

Option (2) includes the use of Paypal ( and is an electronic payment, this option generally takes 3-5 days for delivery. Option (2) has a ($25) Expedited Service Charge and is taken directly from your A.W.Surveys account with us. The Expedited Service Charge is for the faster delivery time (3-5 days compared to 4-6 weeks).

New surveys are based on age, gender, etc. They normally E-mail when new surveys are available, but please check back regularly for new survey opportunities for some might not be E-mailed.

Here's another cash-back program. You earn money back when you start shopping by clicking from the Ebates website. When you sign up, you get either a $10 gift card or $5 cash. I chose the gift card.

Ebates is a shopping site that gives you up to 25% Cash Back every time you shop online. You can shop at over 800 stores including Barnes &, Gap, Target, and Expedia. Plus you get additional savings with exclusive coupons, free shipping offers, and limited-time sales!

Sign up with Ebates today by clicking here to sign up is the free service that pays you the highest overall cash back available at eBay and 205 popular retailers. You can earn even more cash with our powerful referral program.

Here's a little more detail:

1. Just take a minute to join. It's secure, fast and free.
2. Use our links to visit featured merchants and shop as usual.
3. You earn cash on each purchase! We keep track and you can check your account online.
4. Each month, we'll send you a Paypal payment for your accumulated cash back.

That's all there is to saving with BigCrumbs. We never spam or sell your information and we don't need your credit cards, etc.

Our members have already earned cash back on millions of dollars in purchases.

As if that wasn't enough, we also feature thousands of additional discounts and special offers throughout the year and awesome shopping tools, such as personal shopping lists and a powerful product search engine.

It all adds up to huge savings for you.

AGLOCO works because the network effects are self perpetuating. It gets stronger as it gets bigger. With more members and stronger cash flows, the profits that the members share in increase – and this draws in more users and hence stronger cash flows. The incentive to join early and tell many friends is big, as early members who help build the network stand to benefit the most (similar to nearly all start-ups, where the early employees tend to share disproportionately in the success of the company).

As AGLOCO grows, the economic incentive continues to grow as it is able to offer more and more value for its members. Unlike which incurred incremental costs for each additional member-hour, AGLOCO generates positive free cash flow from each additional member-hour and has virtually no incremental cash expenses for additional use of the Viewbar. AGLOCO will have standard operating costs (site maintenance, bandwidth, insurance, telephones, office space, sales and administration etc.), but like Google these costs should be very low compared to the revenue Members generate.

Sign up, use the web as usual and earn cash and shares - it really is that simple. Once you install the Viewbar™ software it automatically records the time you're actively online, and we pay you for it. But the first step is to sign up and become a member. It's fast and it's free. If you refer your friends and family we'll pay you even more cash and shares.

SearchCactus pays users CASH for signing up for special offers, referring friends and searching the web! With our new Quick Cash program users can make over $500 in 5 minutes.

When registering for this site, you are asked to join a bunch of other sites at the same time. You can choose no, or simply don't click yes and then hit submit.

This is not an actual survey site of its own. It is a site that, once registered, provides you with links to other survey sites.

ECN Research is an interactive survey where users are rewarded for their opinion; incentives for users vary from a $500 shopping spree, free ring tones to a free vacation voucher to over 50 destinations. "We offer one of the most dynamic and user friendly survey platforms on the internet today."

Influence the development of new products and enter a chance to win a free vacation

How would you like to earn good money just for sharing your opinion? It's free to get started. Click here!

Just about everyone in the free world knows about CafePress by now. But just in case you don't, it's a very simple way to get your great t-shirt ideas out there and available to the public with no overhead.

You create the design, upload it, choose the products you want to sell (tshirts, baby bibs, mugs, stickers, etc.) and start marketing your site. Seriously, it's that easy. I even have my own CafePress site called Canuck Pride.

With minimal graphics experience, it's easy enough to start your own online tshirt store!

See why work at home moms love SBI!.

Thousands and thousands of mothers are building profitable Web sites... on their own... without previous experience.

If you know and care about something, anything, you can do the same.

Use The Net To Do Something You Love!

What other tool, available to you at home, provides you with the opportunity...
  • to share your knowledge and passion with people from all around the world?
  • to work with complete flexibility around your family without a boss, deadlines, quotas or... an updated wardrobe?
  • to make some extra money to help buy braces, or pay for piano lessons, or save for college education, or go on a family vacation?
Site Build It!, a site-building-hosting-marketing system, assumes that you know what you want to do but you are not sure how to do it.

Site Build It! (SBI!) provides everything you need...
  • the process that works - this natural, powerful, proven process is outlined, step by step, in an easy to understand Action Guide. Regardless of how "new" you are to the Net, you will understand it.
  • the complete set of integrated tools - everything you need to do the process perfectly and on your own. No HTML and graphic design skills are required. You write about your theme (which feels like playing because you love the subject so much!), while SBI! takes care of everything else.
Should you ever need a hand, you have round-the-clock Customer Support. And you'll make friends in the SBI! Forums. It's the friendliest "help-and-be-helped" place in the world. There is no cost to join this enthusiastic, caring community.

Winzy is a search engine where you can win free prizes. Every search on Winzy is a chance to win! Just use Winzy to search the web, the same way you would use any other search engine. If you’re a winner, you will see an alert to let you know what you’ve won.

There are 3 ways to win on Winzy:
  1. Search and Win Instantly
  2. Refer Friends - If They Win, You Win Too!
  3. Earn Points To Enter Monthly Sweepstakes

Win Free Prizes

I have been using for at least 4 years now. My mother-in-law told me about it and I thought it was too good to be true!

Basically, you sign up and receive points for various actions. Those points are then redeemed for gift cards at your favorite store such as Walmart, Target, Barns & Noble, Linens & Things, Pier 1, Red Lobster, etc.

To earn points:

  • refer people via email
  • Read and click through on emails MyPoints sends you
  • Start at then click through to an online retailer to make a purchase.
I use a throw-away email account to receive my emails so that I know that the only thing going there is MyPoints related. Helps keep things organized in my brain.

So, if you decide you want to try out MyPoints, let me know! I can send you an email for you to join and get credit for it or you can join up on your own by going directly to the MyPoints website.

There are so many "paid survey" scams out there. I have been using Treasure Trooper for a year now and have received checks every month.

You can choose the types of offers you want to participate in - some are simple surveys for $.50 or $1.00. But if you want to earn the big bucks, you have to be organized.

Most of the offers that pay serious cash require that you subscribe for free but you have to provide a credit card. If you forget to cancel, you are stuck paying the product's monthly fee.

There are also a lot of offers that require you to pay shipping and handling. You'll find that the s&h is usually 1/3 the payout amount so it can be worthwhile.